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The Dylz Workshop is like a master watchmaker’s shop, except it’s geared up for computing hardware.

We apply the same level of precision and dedication to quality, in order to assure that each computer matches the task it’s built for, and enhances the overall user output.

High End Computing

  • Gaming and VR rigs
  • CAD/CAM workstations
  • Studio editing suites
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Render farms

Data Center Computing

  • Mini Data Centres
  • Data Center 3.0
  • Private Clouds

Hacking Computers

  • Hackintosh Ready PCs
  • Hardware Mods

Computer Recovery

  • Computer Upgrades & Repairs
  • Apple Computer Upgrades & Repairs
  • Smartphone & Tablet Repairs
  • Vintage Computer Upgrades & Repairs

Dylz Workshop built our custom CAD computers and 3D printing control computers that we use for electronics design and industrial design. We are now ready to take on more demand from our customers.

Tarik Nurkanovic

Chief Hardware Engineer, Formilab

When we needed computers for our development team, Dylz Workshop was there to make sure the computers matched the task at hand.  We also used Dylz Workshop to build out Mini Data Centre hosting platform.

Balaji Baradhazhvar

CEO, Crystal Delta

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